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Engagement fotografo verona

Engagement Gallery


Engagement: it’s a photoreportage shot before the wedding. It is an Emotional and naturalistic reportage. We always organize the shooting in different locations we choose with our clients according to the couple’s nature and desires. It’s a short shoot (1-2 hours), and focuses on the couple: a moment of love that evokes the magic of their first appointments, that unique look of love they share with one another, the smiles of joy only love can bring. This is the perfect experience to unleash your emotions. This shooting is also perfect for a couple that wishes to celebrate a particular moment: for example a new house to live in or a special anniversary.


Complete wedding service: our reportage or emotional tale will always speak to you about that wonderful day when you say the most important “yes” in your life. We like ‘to design’ our service with our couples based on their needs and on how the day will unfold, giving suggestions to make your day beautiful and particular also from the photographic point of view.
We will capture the real and genuine behaviour without interfere with the events. With our art, we will create images which will make an impression on your memory and will be part of the treasure of your family.

Wedding servizio fotografico Verona

Wedding Gallery

Trash Dress servizio fotografico verona

Trash the Dress Gallery

Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress, “you&me after marriage” service.
A session of shoots to celebrate the first anniversary of wedding: a “wild” version of the couple service.
It will allow you to vent your eccentricity and to create original and ironic images. You will wear once again and in a special way your nuptial dresses and maybe will have the same palpitations as that day.
Also in this case, we will design our service with you and will give creative suggestions based on your desires.


A tale in pictures of a really significative and extraordinary moment of a woman’s life. The memory of your waiting with all emotions, the sensations, the questions, the doubts which it will bring to you.
We will choose the plot very carefully to make you feel protect.
Being women, we know how fragile is the relationship with our own body.
We will not force you on unnatural poses which will create embarrassment, on the contrary we will enhance your femininity. We will give attention also to the relationship your partner which permit this this magic moment.

Maternity servizio fotografico Verona

Maternity Gallery

Newborn fotografo verona

Newborn Gallery


When we are finally free from our daily tasks and have a moment to think about our life, we realize how quickly the time passes.
But from the moment when our special little person is born, we suddenly discover the importance of every hour, of every day. And we have the desire to stop the time!
Photographic service dedicated to your baby in his/her first 45 days of life.
Carefully and professionally realized, when your baby is still so fragile and the bond between you and him/her is still so intense.


“I looked back a moment and he was walking down the street.
And to think he was not even able to sit down the day before!”
Service dedicated to the most little children on their first 5 months of life.
We will capture all his/her expressions. The ones which open your heart and change your mood when you came back home after a heavy day.
Using backdrops, objects and dresses, we will create particular situations.
You will see your baby as you never saw him on the daily life.
Very often, friends or relatives present the service instead of dresses or games which fill our houses.

Maternity servizio fotografico Verona

Baby Gallery

Family fotografo verona

Family Gallery


Family memories are the most important things in our life.
When we found them in our dressers or between the files of our computer, we cannot stop us from holding them to the heart with nostalgia.
In such a frenetic, life they are the only things which help us stopping and thinking about our life.
A service made of stolen moments and candid shots. With our art, we will make unforgettable images to show in your houses.
They also are a special present for your parents or your sons.


A treasure chest for your memories

Beside the classic album, we offer to our customers the Wooden Box, an elegant box completely Made in Italy.
You can customize it with your names or the name of your baby.
The wooden box contains a USB stick and a little selection of prints of your pictures.
It is an original way to keep your precious memories.